FLEX TONGUE BUILD (English version)

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Masashi Sugiyama's Flex Tongue Build

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Work on one exercise for two weeks. Whether or not you can play it smoothly, go on to the next exercise after two weeks of practice. Add an exercise every two weeks. When you play the highest note, "kick" the air strongly pronouncing the sound "Eee" When you play the lowest note, the tongue should be placed as you pronounce "Aww" Keep on repeating the exercises without anxiety, until you get the sense of tongue. You will be able to play the instrument more easily than you expect. As you continue practicing, you will feel that the tongue improves steadily. Be patient and don't give up. After practicing repeatedly, you will certainly be able to reach your goal.

Masashi Sugiyama

Going to the USA for the first time in 1979, Masashi Sugiyama studied trumpet under Dr. Claude Gordon, a trumpet virtuoso and well-known brass educator. Sugiyama continued his study participating in Claude Gordon International Brass Workshop (1978-1995) until Dr. Gordon passed away in 1996. Appointed as the only Japanese official staff of the workshop in 1983, he started coaching the participants. Sugiyama has many achievements as a brass educator, building on his induction by Dr. Gordon into the secrets of success. From school bands to professional players, he is praised as an acknowledged expert on finding each learner's problem quickly and giving proper advice. As a lecturer of high note course "Tongue Magic" he is eager to teach proper brass playing around Japan. Besides that, he is the leader and lead trumpeter of the big band "Serendipity 18" As a supervisor of high school concert bands, he gives not only private lessons for each student but also directions to each school band. Also he gives directions to several amateur big bands. In November 2000, he translated and published Claude Gordon's Brass Playing No Harder Than Deep Breathing into Japanese. Subsequent brass playing study books include Flex Tongue Build, High Air Build, Tongue for Lead Trumpet/Trombone, Natural Embouchure in 52 Weeks, Super Long Tone, Smooth Tonguing, NOW! - Words by Claude Gordon, ABC Book for High Notes, The Most Comprehensible Brass Training for Teens etc.

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